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Hey! I am James Williams

James Williams

Hey Guys! My name is James Williams and I am the Editor of the website trustedmonitors.com. Professionally, I am a Computer science student who is very interested in PC gadgets and the latest technologies.

Starting back In 2012, I got my first laptop as a gift from my father. After that, I explored more on the internet and found how much technology is now advanced and that hooked me to love the latest technology and explorer more about it.

Thanks to YouTube and Google made education was so simple and with simple searches, I started getting my answers about this digital world and how technology works.

After that, I started following big tech websites like TechCrunch and Digit where I read their technology articles on daily basis. Cut back to 2021, I have decided to start my own blog and review the latest technologies, especially PC monitors.

That’s why, with some personal savings and all, I have started this website and the main motive of this website is to educate people about PC Technologies and provide buying guides that will help them to choose the right product for themself.

I keep experimenting with various monitor screens, graphic cards, and other PC components. I love to build PCs and whenever any of my friends need to build their PC, they ask me to help them.

Creating this website will help people to understand how easy is to build a PC and understand the PC technologies.

Email: [email protected]

Address: 45 Well Bank Rd, Washington NE37 1NW