Acer Vs Asus Monitor: 5 Reasons To Buy & 3 Not To Buy

Acer and Asus are one of the biggest monitor manufacturers who have their monitors in almost all segments.

Hence it becomes hard to choose between Acer Vs Asus Monitors.

A monitor is a device that shows images or information on a screen. This can be a computer monitor or a television monitor. 

Choosing the right monitor from the two biggest companies is not easy, but when you are well aware of both pros and cons, it becomes easy and manageable and you can choose according to your need.

Acer Vs Asus Monitor: 5 Reasons To Buy & 3 Not To Buy

In this article on Acer vs Asus monitors, you will see whether you should go for Asus monitors or Acer monitors.

Quick Answer:

ASUS monitors have their primary focus on gaming. They come with fast response times and fantastic gaming performance.

It has an exceptional build quality with rare cases of exceptions. They have outstanding ergonomics and are principally well-built.

Acer monitors offer a wide range of products, most of which are economical compared to their other counterparts in the market. They provide good quality products that are credible.

Acer Vs Asus Monitor: A Detailed Comparision Between Them

1. Quality

The most crucial component of a monitor is a display panel. You will find that only a few manufacturers make panels for the kind of brands discussed in this article.

For instance, you will find many brands with 165Hz 1440p displays, but all of them are manufactured by the same OEM factory. 

If you are going for a good panel, then the image that will be produced will be alike between the brands.

Acer Vs Asus Monitor: 5 Reasons To Buy & 3 Not To Buy
Source: Reddit | Acer Monitor Build Quality

The same thing applies to the longevity and the quality of the screen. The parts that differ include the ones used for making stands, buttons, and bezels.

Quality control matters to avoid the annoyance when you get a defective display from your box – both of them seem reasonable in terms of the quality of panels.

2. Value

In terms of value, Acer is the clear winner.

Acer and ASUS have a small display model, but there is a huge price difference of $100 even though they share the same display panel, which is between similar models.

So if you are looking for a monitor that provides good features but is also on a budget, then you should go for Acer.

3. Features

Most monitors have the same panel but everything other than that is unique to your chosen brand.

ASUS offers better features than similar models available in today’s era.

4. Software & Interface

ASUS provides you with one of the best user interfaces. You can easily navigate with the help of a well-laid OSD or On Screen Display.

Acer Vs Asus Monitor: 5 Reasons To Buy & 3 Not To Buy

Acer reinvents the wheel with every model that comes out. From changes in their buttons to make alterations in their menu layouts. 

They don’t have a lot of consistency. The menu of Acer is gradually improving, but the info is not laid out well. ASUS offers the installation of a software called DisplayWidget.

Acer Vs Asus Monitor: 5 Reasons To Buy & 3 Not To Buy
Asus DisplayWidget

Quick changes can be made to the contrast, brightness, and color with the help of slider bars. 

App Sync is a significant feature of DisplayWidget. The display settings in it can be customized depending on your launch. 

5. Ports

Acer had ports on many models and was stingy not long ago. The ASUS and the Acer have HDMI and DisplayPort on every model. You can also find DVI-D in the lower-end models.

6. Adaptive Synchronization Technology

The adaptive sync technology doesn’t vary much between the brands. This means that G-Sync will work similarly on both ASUS and Acer monitors.

These brands have various models that come with or without the G-Sync and Freesync. You have to narrow it down based on the adaptive sync type you plan to use. 

Acer Vs Asus Monitor: 5 Reasons To Buy & 3 Not To Buy

7. Stand

All the gaming monitors or ASUS have stands that have full height and can be adjusted by tilting.

There are some monitors of both brands that lack height adjustments, so ensure that you check the specks.

ASUS provides better quality and feels of models that cost monitors more than $200.

In the case of Acer, the line stands of Predators are made in a friendly manner. Outside the ranges, you will have to look closely at the stands if adjustments and appearance matter to you. 

8. Warranty

The last thing you wish for if you have a monitor is an out-of-warranty display. Both ASUS and Acer offer warranties with good policies but with some differences.

Both of them come with a 3-year parts and labor warranty. Many other famous brands like MSI, Samsung, and even Viewsonic have only a year’s warranty. The 3-year warranty that you get from Acer and ASUS covers everything.

So, in the race between Acer Vs Asus monitor for the warranty. Both acquired the same position.

9. Dead Pixels

Like any other brands, they, too, have different policies for dead pixels. There was a time when Acer had a lousy dead pixel policy.

This was based on the ISO 13406-2 standard with too many pixels. There is an allowance for similar warranty replacements between Acer and ASUS now 

  • ASUS – 4+ bright (or “hot”) pixels OR 6+ dark pixels.
  • Acer – 3+bright pixels OR 6+ dark pixels.

Since bright pixels are more noticeable, only a few of them are allowed before declaring a screen defective. If you purchase from the right retailer, then you can return monitors having any number of dead pixels. 

Acer Vs Asus Monitor: 5 Reasons To Buy & 3 Not To Buy

Usually, pixels are doomed from the beginning itself, which is why it is mandatory to have a good return policy so that it can cover any out-of-box defects.

BestBuy and Amazon are good choices as they allow you to exchange or return regardless of the reason.

Many other retailers charge a restocking fee in case the display that has been returned does not meet their dead pixel policy.

Check the monitor for dead pixels as soon as you get it. You can also use a test to check if your monitor has any of them.

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