Are Ultrawide Monitors Worth it? (Explained)

Ultrawide monitors are an excellent example of technological advancement. They are a complete change from 16:9 standard monitors to 21:9 aspect ratio monitors.

These ultrawide monitors not only provide you with an extensive screen but also a comfortable experience while working.

Like its name, ultrawide monitors are really wide and eliminate the possibility or the need of having multiple monitors to work with.

A widescreen means a wider surface area, large pixels, large images, and a large experience.

If you are a keen gamer or a working person, ultrawide monitors will be a great chance for you. In this particular article, we will discuss are ultrawide monitors worth it.

We will look at some advantages and disadvantages, and finally, conclude with our statement and recommendation.

Are Ultrawide Monitors Worth it? (Explained)

Advantages Of Ultrawide Monitors

1. Ultrawide Vs Multiple Monitors

If you are a person who works, then an ultrawide monitor will be an excellent choice. Multiple monitors increase the hassle of shifting working screens from one to another.

Hence, instead of buying multiple monitors, you can simply purchase one ultrawide monitor, which will be able to display all your work needs in one large space making it easier.

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2. Immersive Gaming Experience

If you are a gamer, then ultrawide monitors will help you in an immersive gaming experience. It’ll provide a much more immersive gaming experience than a standard 16:9 ratio monitor.

The 21:9 aspect ratio monitor provides a more horizontal display size to see more of your game at once.

It will be definitely a level up in your game because of the wide screen of the monitor and graphics.

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3. Comfortable Editing

Ultrawide monitors are a great flex for videographers or content creators, who constantly have to edit and recreate their content.

Everyone knows, how tricky is to maintain the timeline while editing videos or making audio. So, at that time, having an ultrawide monitor will save a lot of time rather to editing video on a standard monitor.

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These monitors will provide not only a large screen but great color graphics, as well as everything will be in one big space. 

Comfortable Editing By Using Ultrawide monitor.
Comfortable Editing

Disadvantage Of Ultrawide Monitors

1. Occupy space

Because they are ultrawide monitors, they tend to occupy space on your computer table or where ever you are placing them. 

Before you purchase one yourself, it is essential that you are aware of the space that you have and whether it is big enough to fit an ultrawide monitor and its other necessary equipment.

Ultrawide monitor occupied space.

2. Horizontal But Not Vertical

Ultrawide monitors extend horizontally and not vertically, which becomes a little bit of an inconvenience if you’re playing a competitive game where you’ll have to span your eyesight from one end to another.

Also, if you are working on a document, it may become a little uncomfortable in the beginning as the wording may come out as small and difficult to read.

3. Not Always Compatible

Ultrawide monitors are new in the technological world. This sometimes acts as a disadvantage when some applications and software do not work on this version.

Here is the guide to checking the compatibility of monitors.

4. Price

Ultrawide monitors can be expensive.

Of course, they’ll be more expensive than your standard monitor but they will also provide you with better features.

If you are looking to upgrade your computer system, then ultrawide monitors could be the upgrade you needed.

Are Ultrawide Monitors Worth it? 

Finally, to the most important question, are ultrawide monitors worth it?

Yes, we can say that ultrawide monitors are a great investment for the next level of experience.

They will allow you to work comfortably on a large screen eliminating the need to have multiple computers.

Having multiple computers can sour the mood as you will constantly have to pan the screens from one monitor to another.

Also, if you purchase more than one monitor, they may be a difference in resolution and picture quality as a whole. 

Ultrawide monitors will provide you with the facility of multitasking, wherein you can open multiple windows on one screen while being able to view each of them clearly.

They will also work as a great screen for movie nights, almost like a TV because of their big screen and good sound quality.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Ultrawide Monitors Worth The Money?

Ultrawide monitors are excellent if they suit your liking and needs.

There is no doubt that they are great in the viewing aspect, but it also sometimes depends on the user’s needs.

If you have multiple monitors or are wondering whether you should buy two monitors, then you can give ultrawide monitors a try.

Although pricey, they will not make much of a cost difference when compared to buying two standard computers.

Are ultrawide monitors worth gaming?

If you are someone who plays competitive games like shooting arena games, then ultrawide monitors may not be the best choice as these are fast-running games and because the screen is wide, you’ll have to constantly scan your view from the side to side. This can be uncomfortable for some players.

However, if you are someone who watches a lot of movies, ultrawide monitors are the best choice.

They will be able to satisfy your watching and listening experience, as the resolution is the most important factor for movie watchers.

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