10+ Best Monitors For Music Production (Latest 2022)

If you have ever sat over a tiny laptop screen for hours, feverishly dragging about plugin windows, piano rolls, and mixer panels, you know how important things are when it comes to selecting the best monitors for music production.

The basic computer monitor has never been more significant, with many home studios now revolving almost exclusively around digital audio workstations (DAWs) like Ableton Live, AutoCad, and Logic Pro.

In this post, we’ll go through the factors to consider when shopping for a new budget monitor, as well as make some recommendations for the best computer displays for home studio use.

10+ Best Monitors For Music Production (Latest 2022)
10+ Best Monitors For Music Production (Latest 2022)

10+ Best Monitors For Music Production (Buying Guides)

We have created the latest list of some really monitors for music producers. Here is a quick list of them.

Now, Here is a detailed review of every monitor.

1. LG 34WN80C-B UltraWide Monitor

The LG 34WN80C is the one monitor for you if you are looking for an ultrawide monitor that has diverse colors for editing photos or videos and a USB-C port that can charge your monitor.

It is a low-cost 34-inch 344×1440 ultrawide monitor coming with an IPS display that is excellent for productive and color-critical work.

This implies that in the sRGB color space, you’ll get accurate, consistent, and brilliant colors that are suitable for basic photo/video editing because the colors will remain consistent throughout the entire screen regardless of the angle from which you’re viewing the monitor.

This monitor has an ultimate refresh rate of 60Hz. However, you should know that it does not has FreeSync, which allows a monitor to dynamically fluctuate its refresh rate and deter screen tearing.

This isn’t surprising as we know that it is not a gaming monitor, however since FreeSync is royalty-free, incorporating it would not have increased the price of the monitor.

Regardless, thanks to the monitor’s excellent resolution and rich colors, video games will appear fantastic.

Moving on, the monitor’s lighting is flicker-free, and it has an integrated low-blue light filter, so you can use it for long periods without having a headache or eye strain.

The monitor comprises On-Screen Control, which enables you to modify all of the main settings from the desktop program of your monitor.

The monitor also has HDR (High Dynamic Range), however, it is just software-emulated because it lacks some broad color gamut backing as well as local dimming. Although it can approve and show HDR10 signals, HDR material will not look better.

2. Dell Computer Ultrasharp U2415 24.0-Inch Screen LED Monitor

The Dell Computer Ultrasharp U2415 is an extremely sleek monitor, offering World-class screen performance for any office.

This top-notch monitor is majorly designed to trigger heavily loaded work experience, like music production. Get an ultra-finish image viewing experience with a 16:10 aspect ratio.

Get 24″ of top-notch screen clarity with an exaggerated ratio of 16:10, WUXGA 1920 x 1200 resolution monitor. Moreover, enjoy an ultra-wide 178° viewing angle with sharp angular views on your monitor. 

An ultimate approach to uniform pigments, tuned at 99% sRGB coverage at a deltaE.

Upgrade your level of experience with the dual or multi-monitor setup, along with a paper-like-thin (6.9mm) bezel evading the border between the monitors. 

You can boost your viewing experience with a right-angled placement of the best fine edges of the Dell Computer Ultrasharp U2415. 

Well, this spacious monitor is also a VESA-compatible monitor, which is effortless for a wall mount. Also, it supports the Single Monitor Arm to give a perfect height to your monitor. 

To launch easy connectivity to your workstation Dell Computer Ultrasharp U2415 provides two HDMI (MHL) ports to help your monitor connect with any device.

Moreover, a DisplayPort and a mini-DisplayPort are also provided to enjoy video and music on a single cable. Plus, USB devices with a USB 3.0 port, give high-speed charging

This promises high-end performance with a minimum of a 3-year Hardware Warranty. Along with this, you get a 3-year Advanced Exchange Service to experience the best of their products.

Moreover, meeting the gap between environmental standards and their causes, this extensive monitor is designed with eco-friendly tools like arsenic and mercury-resistant panels and more.

Superior PowerNap enables the power management of your monitor. Its automated features help in saving the most of it, like minimizing the brightness when not in use.

3. SAMSUNG LC27F398FWNXZA SAMSUNG C27F398 27 Inch Curved LED Monitor

Samsung C27F398 features a 27-inch curved screen that looks exceptionally stunning.

You can get the best viewing experience from all angles with the availability of its 1800R curvature while you are watching a movie or even having long gaming sessions.

This Samsung Monitor has outstanding connectivity options, at least for a budget monitor.

Instead of using the outdated DVI or VGA ports on the back panel, it has been made with a DisplayPort and HDMI port, which indicates that the monitor is prepared for current systems.

Moreover, it even has AMD FreeSync technology, where you can have the best tie playing high-end games.

This technology ensures the smooth integration of the refresh rate with the frame rate to avoid any lags at any moment. Furthermore, this Samsung Monitor has a 4ms response time resulting in no blurs and a zero ghosting experience.

When displaying a full black image, the display appears a little brighter in the middle, but this isn’t a big deal for most games and movies.

To achieve the cheap price, a few concessions had to be made, as predicted, but the Samsung C27F398 might use some enhancements.

Moreover, the monitor has a three-stage Response Time setting that can be used to eliminate ghosting and smearing.

4. ASUS ProArt Display PA248QV

This ASUS monitor features a 24-inch display with no bezels. It ensures you have the best viewing experience from every corner through its frameless design.

There is no doubt that the ASUS ProArt is one of the company’s finest masterpieces in the previous two years.

This price range includes stunningly true colors and a high-potential IPS panel, as well as an ergonomic stand and a wide range of connectivity choices.

Aside from its low price, the monitor has a 1920×1200 resolution and a factory calibration that is precisely calibrated Delta E 2, making it an excellent choice for entry-level and mid-level games.

You can always expect the colors to look the same, no matter how you see the screen, thanks to the IPS panel’s wide viewing angles of 178 degrees.

Speaking of image reproduction, this monitor has been Calman Verified to ensure that users can get the perfect color accuracy in every image displayed on the screen. 

To take this even further, ASUS has introduced it’s ProArt Preset and ProArt Palette for all the users who take special care of the colors on the screen.

You can use these tools to adjust the color parameters and even choose the preset modes for the same.

5. ASUS VZ279HE 27” Full HD 1080p IPS Eye Care Monitor with HDMI and VGA

The ASUS VZ279HE comes with a 27-inch Full HD LED display and a response time of just 5ms. It is not quite as quick as the original one, but it is sufficient for casual gaming.

It features an ultra-thin bezel giving it a neat and aesthetic look, and its ergonomic structure makes it simple to use in any setting.

It has a 250 cd/m2 brightness, this best monitor provides crystal clear images with consistent colors across all screen sizes. It also incorporates ASUS Eye Care and flicker-free backlighting technologies.

This indicates that no matter where you sit or stand around the monitor’s display screen, every element will be very clear and simple to look at.

It may also be used for everything from graphic designing to office work. It has 1920 x 1080 resolution, which means that it can bring any normal video to life and make it look so realistic. 

The picture on its display screen will be neat and realistic due to its contrast ratio of 80000000:1

The screen also has 178-degree horizontal and steep viewing angles, which allows you to watch movies or play games from various angles without any sort of disturbance. The elevated the pixel density will be, the more adequate the visual quality will be.

The ASUS VZ279HE-W has a small profile that measures just 7mm at its narrowest point, which makes it favorable for tightened and rigid areas.

It has a frameless structure that makes it suitable for near-seamless multi-display formats that provides a deeper level of immersion.

Moreover, the frameless design of this monitor means the setup of two or three monitors is nearly seamless, which offers you a picturesque view for an even enormous level of immersion, whether you play games, watch movies, or are just simply working on your monitor.

6. SAMSUNG LC49RG90SSNXZA 49-Inch CRG9 Curved Gaming Monitor

With its beautiful VA panel, it’s a super ultrawide monitor with screen curvature that’s meant to span your full field of view.

For gamers, this monitor has excellent gaming features, making it one of the best big-screen monitors for work and a completely immersive gaming experience. 

While the image quality is vital, the overall look, feel, and personalization of the monitor’s frame should also be considered.

It is supported by a brushed silver-colored articulated armature that protrudes from the underside of the base. The monitor is well-held by the arm, which explains the Samsung LC49RG90SSNXZA’s outstanding adjustability.

In addition to the Samsung C49RG9’s flicker-free backlight, there’s an Eye Saver option that filters out dangerous low-blue lights, ensuring a comfortable viewing experience even after extended use.

The OSD (On-Screen Display) menu is small and simple to use, and you can easily navigate around it with the joystick on the right side of the screen. You can also utilize three more hotkeys to rapidly access the customizable photo profiles.

The Samsung CRG9 is rather large, but because of its edge-lit backlight, it is quite slender and not as hefty as it appears.

Two DisplayPort 1.4 ports, microphone line-in, and line-out connections, HDMI 2.0, a headphones jack, 2 downstream USB 3.0 and 2 downstream USB 2.0 ports along with the upstream USB-B port, and lastly, an aux port for assistance are all accessible as connectivity options.

7. HP VH240a 23.8-Inch Full HD 1080p IPS LED Monitor

The HP VH240a monitor not only provides amazing features but also looks good on your workstation.

This monitor has IPS, with an impressive 1920 x 1080p resolution and around two million pixels on a 16:9 widescreen LED.

All these features make it an incredible alternative to consider if you have been looking for a full HD monitor that won’t cut your savings much.

The HP VH240a monitor has a narrow and simple panel with a base square shape and an upright stand arm that is flexible.

You can also modify the height of the panel by simply sliding it up or down while you are seated. The panel is almost 24 inches diagonally, which is a good size for a single screen and ideal for a dual-screen configuration.

The screen is reddish with all edges covered in matte plastic, which gives the panel a significant quantity of visual real estate for its HD illustrations.

The HP VH240a is also manageable to set up, and it will take less than five minutes to unbox the monitor and fully install it.

The monitor has a single sheet of paper that is glued to the corners of its screen. That particular sheet also includes instructions for compiling the three parts of the monitor which are, the square base, upright, and panel.

It has an FHD display with sharp image quality and excellent viewing angles. The VH240a is an IPS monitor, which means that it has liquid crystal display (LCD) panel technology that allows you to have broader viewing angles.

8. Dell UltraSharp U2720Q Monitor

This Dell monitor has slim bezels and is ideal for multi-monitor setups. It also has a 360-degree stand that allows you to use it vertically as well.

For hackers, web designers, and writers, it’s practically the greatest 4K monitor. The monitor is Energy Star certified and has a 4K UHD resolution.

The anti-glare 4K UHD IPS display on the Dell UltraSharp 27-inch desktop monitor. It has a USB Type C input and a 90W power output, as well as a variety of connectivity possibilities. The stand is 360-degree rotatable which makes it suitable for vertical work of any kind.

This Dell UltraSharp monitor features small bezels on all four sides, allowing it to be used in landscape or portrait mode. OSD buttons are located at the bottom of the display, and inputs are located on one side and at the back.

There’s a DisplayPort, two USB C connections, three USB 3.0 connectors, and an audio line out on this display. It also has VESA mount compatibility and a security lock slot. The screen display can move 360 degrees due to its supporting stand.

The 4K UHD display is ideal for designers and creative workers because it supports a billion colors, enhanced color depth, and P3 broad color coverage.

A broad viewing angle is also provided by the IPS panel. The Dell U2720Q delivers outstanding performance. The display sports an anti-glare coating and a resolution of 4K UHD.

9. Apple 32-inch Pro Display XDR with Retina 6K Display

The Pro Display XDR is a 32-inch 6K LCD monitor that supports a full-array local dimming backlight and is made of 576 different blue LEDs.

These LEDs can reach up to 1,600 nits of maximum brightness and 1,000 nits of sustained brightness.

Apple also says that this monitor can attain a million-to-one contrast ratio by using the test patterns that have been standardized by the industry. The monitor also supports 10-bit color and the full DCI-P3 color gamut. 

Apple’s Pro Display XDR offers superior color accuracy and build quality at a price that’s comparable to reference-grade pro monitors.

This new class of “creator” displays offers reference-level color accuracy and exceptionally powerful HDR capabilities for a price that may appear exorbitant at first glance but is reasonable when compared to standard options.

The monitor is powerful, which should be a little under 26 pounds (aided in part by the expensive Pro Stand, more on which later).

With the push of a button on the back of the mount, the display may be utilized in landscape mode or rotated to portrait mode when stretched to its maximum height of 9.5 inches.

On the surface, the Pro Display XDR’s design is outstanding, but it may be improved to better suit budget-conscious artists who can’t afford such expensive monitors.

These are all great specs, so much so that Apple claims the Pro Display XDR is the “greatest pro display in the world.”

10. Acer R240HY bidx 23.8-Inch IPS HDMI DVI VGA (1920 x 1080) Widescreen Monitor

The Acer R240HY is a 24-inch average monitor which comes with an IPS panel that delivers high color precisions and strong gray-scale performance without using a lot of power.

It comes with three video inputs and a bezel-free design. This monitor has a bezel-free, shiny black panel that is only a half-inch thick, which also contributes to its decent appearance.

It is supported by a base that is shaped like a ring and it adjusts the angle by 20 degrees but not the length, pivot, or swivel. It cannot also mount to a VESA mount.

Furthermore, the non-reflective IPS panel also provides a peak radiance of 250 nits along with a resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels.

A strip of glossy black rim runs along the lower end of the panel, which also has five function buttons and a Power switch.

It also has an HDMI port, a VGA port, a DVI port, as well as a headphone jack. The R240HY, like many other midrange monitors, lacks USB connections and speakers.

The basic picture controls include Brightness, Blue Light adjustments, and Contrast, as well as the standard analog controls (Position, Clock, and Focus).

However, its progressive settings, such as the 6-Axis-Color and Gamma settings seen on the other monitors, are not available.

Lastly, ECO, User, Standard, Movie modes, and Graphics, are among the picture presets provided by the monitor.

What Size Monitor Is Best For Music Production?

A computer monitor is a crucial piece of hardware for music production because it’s something you will be staring at for long periods throughout a session.

A computer monitor stands between your studio monitors/speakers, which must be properly spaced out, something to consider when looking for a huge screen to add to your studio.

Size does matter, as the bigger the monitor, the extra energy it can produce along with the additional bass frequencies.

The size of your room and how nicely it is acoustically dealt with will leave an impact on the size of the monitor that it can support, whether it is huge, or noisy displays that rapidly overwhelm a small area.

You can fit a lot of plugins and visualizations on a huge ultrawide computer display with a high resolution during a session if you get a large ultrawide computer monitor with a high resolution. The use of ultra-wide screens is recommended.

Some music producers, on the other hand, still favor a dual-screen layout for music production.

You can simply choose a screen with a tiny bezel (so there isn’t any unpleasant line between them) and buy two of them. A twin-screen configuration is best with a screen size of 24′′ to 32′′ for music production.

A Various Size of monitors available for music production.
Size Of Monitors For Music Production

Can Gaming Monitors Be Used For Music?

Due to their high hardware specifications, gaming monitors can be utilized to produce music.

A gaming monitor may be a wonderful machine for producing music if the fan speeds are reduced and the sound levels are controlled.

A gaming monitor is suitable for music creation since it contains everything that you will want to produce great music. However, the graphics card is the only element of a gaming computer that you do not need if you are making music. 

The sole characteristic of a gaming machine that makes it unsuitable for music production is that it produces a great deal of noise.

When recording with open microphones, gaming machines have fans that apply a lot of pressure on the workstation, which might degrade audio quality. If you enjoy electronic music, though, this may not be a major concern.

A Gaming monitor is used for music production.
Can Gaming Monitors Be Used For Music?

Does A Graphics Card Matter For Music Production?

Graphics cards are crucial elements that deliver images from a computer to a display. They’re employed in all computer-based image-generating operations, including music production.

A graphics card is needed for any graphic pictures that are to be sent from your monitor to another display screen.

All music software comprises as much visual content as the audio does, and hence you do need a basic graphics card for music production.

To connect your computer to a display screen and produce visuals, you’ll need a graphics card.

Without a graphic card, it would become difficult for you to see the visual display of your music production software, VST instruments, plugins, and digital audio workspace.

However, you do not require advanced graphics cards if you want to do music production. Although a dedicated graphics card is recommended, the inherent graphics card in your computer or monitor should suffice.

It is not, however, required to purchase an advanced graphics card for this objective. Because music production does not require extremely intense graphics, the card that came with your laptop or PC should be sufficient.


Hereby, we conclude with the few best monitors for music production that will be within budget and will fulfill your music needs too.

We have also responded to some additional questions that users normally have when they need to purchase monitors for music production.

The monitors that we have mentioned are of various types of budget and each one of them has different characteristics.

You can choose the one that fits your pocket budget and meets your requirements as well.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

Ques: What is the best screen size for music production?

The best screen size for music production can vary depending on individual needs, but a larger screen can provide more screen real estate for viewing multiple tracks and tools simultaneously.

Ques: Do you need a good monitor for music production?

Yes, having a good monitor can be important for music production as it can provide accurate color representation and clear, detailed visual feedback for editing and mixing audio tracks.

Ques: Do you need a 4k monitor for music production?

No, a 4k monitor is not necessary for music production. However, a monitor with a high resolution and good color accuracy can be beneficial for editing and mixing audio tracks.

Ques: What monitors do professional studios use?

Professional studios often use high-end monitors from brands like Genelec, Neumann, and Dynaudio.

These monitors are known for their high-quality sound reproduction and accurate frequency response, which can be important for mixing and mastering audio tracks.

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