Crystal UHD Vs QLED: Picture Difference & Quality

Are you thinking about buying a monitor? But not sure which type of display in between Crystal UHD Vs QLED should you choose?

Well, this can be quite a hassle. To buy the monitor with so many options coming out these days. The terms used by the monitor companies might seem too complex to understand.

However, here we have bought you a tutorial on finding the perfect monitor set for you. Here are two such terms Crystal UHD and QLED. These are the first terms you might hear when you buy a monitor set. 

So you might want to know the difference between them, but first, you need to know what exactly these terms mean. 

Well, the wait is over, Here is the detailed article on Crystal UHD Vs QLED display for you.

However, if you want to skip the detailed part & want to make your decision faster to purchase the right monitor then we have separate buying guides for that.

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Crystal UHD Vs QLED: Picture Difference & Quality
Crystal UHD Vs QLED

Crystal UHD Vs QLED: Everything You Need To Know

What is Crystal UHD?

These are 4K monitors.

UHD actually stands for ultra-high definition. You might have heard the term Ultra HD as an advertising term used with these 4K monitors.

The simple monitor also has LCDs, but the monitors have a resolution of 4K or even higher than the crystal UHD ones.

So the screen should have around 2060×3840 pixels. For quite some time, high definition in the range of 720p or 1080p has been available on the market.

These monitors came up first in the early 2010s but are still going strong today. 

A TV Monitor with Crystal UHD display showing video.

However, the UHD monitors have even more resolution. 4K is a good enough upgrade from the earlier ones.

Most people buying a monitor these days would tend to buy a 4K monitor as the user quality improves significantly.

If you are thinking about getting a new monitor, then a Crystal UHD is an excellent option. However, you should know about the other great alternative, which is a QLED monitor. 

What is a QLED Monitor?

What does QLED even mean?

QLED refers to a Quantum dot LED technology. But what does Quantum dot LED technology means?

These are quantum dots in the LCS, and they get triggered when blue light passes from them. The quantum dots start emitting red and green lights. 

A Complete Visuals on How QLED panels works and types of layers include.
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It is the middle ground between an LCD and a LED monitor. These monitors are 4K, and all QLED monitors automatically come with 4K.

These monitors have been on the market for a long time. If you’re in the market for a new monitor, a Crystal UHD is a great choice.

Mainly Samsung uses the QLED technology in the manufacture of their monitors.

This is an excellent and exciting piece of technology. The quantum dots cross a lot of layers to show up on the LCD, too, with perfect precision.

Monitors have a backlight and an LCD screen in front. These quantum dots are located in the middle, and thus the monitor appears to have a comprehensive layout and a diverse color palette.

This broader color palette is the end game for UHD monitors as they ensure a more precise color for QLED monitors. 

So what does this color palette do?

The color palette tries to match all the bright and dim lights and create a unique viewing experience.

Color palette In Monitor
Color palette In Monitor

The mix and match of these shades resolve to appear more radiant and better. This technology is a lot more intricate than UHD monitors. 

It is tough if you have tried to watch your monitor with a window open beside you. The monitor screen will be engulfed in glare, and you won’t be able to see anything.

Thankfully the makers of the QLED monitor thought about this problem, and they designed the technology to evade it. You don’t have to be concerned about this issue anymore.

The QLED monitor brightens the resolution and brightness, so there is no glare even if direct sunlight falls on the monitor. 

Suppose you are worried about your monitor experience, burnout issues, a common problem in maximum monitors. QLED helps to reduce this kind of problem.

Also, you get a more comprehensive color range, and thus the monitors also tend to go great for an extended period. 

Normal VS QLED display comparison side by side.

Crystal UHD Vs QLED: Which Display Is Better?

Firstly it depends on personal preferences, but you should know the different features of each monitor and then choose one.

The QLED monitor seems to be a better option to buy these days. The QLED monitor had modern technology, and most of the QLED monitors also come with a Smart monitor operating system.

Something you will not get with UHD monitors. QLED monitor also comes with some relaxed settings like ambient mode.

QLED monitor also gives you 8K options, a massive upgrade from the 4K version. However, 8K monitors might not be too budget-friendly. 

They also provide a good viewing experience as well, and also, the colors come out much brighter and better.

Another important factor to consider when purchasing a monitor is its power efficiency. QLED monitors are much more power-efficient than UHD ones which will save you quite some money.

In the UHD monitor, power is needed for the whole LCD, however, in QLED, only the dot processors need energy, which makes it eco-friendly. 

UHD monitors will face burn-in after a few years when some of the monitors’ pixels get damaged. However, in the case of QLED monitors, this is an extremely unusual occurrence.

Since the power is not required on the LCD directly but only on the dot processors, the QLED monitor tends to be quite durable and long-lasting. 


So, in the comparison between Crystal UHD Vs QLED, It is better to get a QLED monitor, it uses new technology and gives you a much better viewing experience.

However, if you tend to tilt towards buying a UHD monitor, then, by all means, do so.

Even a UHD monitor is good, and people with past UHD monitors might actually to buying something on similar lines. However, the QLED monitor is the next generation in durability and viewing factors.

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