Do Dual Monitors Reduce Performance (Explained)

Have you seen all those reels and videos with people playing games on dual monitors? It looks pretty cool, even if you are not a gamer.

So would you like to set up those dual monitors but are too scared thinking about what is they slow your Computer down?

We would all like cool setups, but if the Computer starts getting slower, there is no use, to be honest.

Because if you are playing games and looking for budget gaming monitor or writing codes, you would like a monitor that will work very fast and excellently. 

Do Dual Monitors Reduce Performance (Explained)
Do Dual Monitors Reduce Performance (Explained)

Dual Monitors Slow Down The Computer?

If you get a dual monitor setup that will never slow down a computer. There is no reason to worry about this.

However, your Computer will need to be equipped with a modern video card. What is a current video card, you ask?

These modern video cards are also called modern graphics cards. A modern graphics card or GPU does calculations required to run the Computer using its transistors.

With features like Nvidia GSync and AMD FreeSync, Most of the monitors have the power to adapt with GPU and give the best experience.

They also have the 2D acceleration as well as the frame buffer equipment. But they are also equipped with 3D hardware.

Do Dual Monitors Reduce Performance (Explained)
Dual Monitors Setup

However, your computer would not slow down if you set up two monitors, which means your monitors would not slow down.

However, if you try to watch high definitions videos in both and play some demanding games, the monitors might lag a bit, otherwise, you won’t face any problems.

If you have the latest monitors, you probably should not have any problems even in the long run. 

Time Matters?

Even if you have quite an old laptop, you would not have any problem setting up a dual monitor.

However, the Computer might get slow if you run high-definition full-screen videos and full-screen games.

If you want to work but with an excellent setup, there won’t be any problem.

Doing things like listening to music and performing, editing documents and all tasks, and even surfing the net, won’t slow down your computer.

Do Multiple Monitors Affect Gaming Performance?

In hindsight, it does not affect your Computer too much. However, if you try to run demanding games on one or both of the monitors simultaneously, it might get a bit problematic for you.

You could also feel a bit of lag if many other apps or programs are running in the background. However, most of the time, you would be able to notice these if your laptop is old.

If you have got a new laptop just now or even one to two years back, there should not be any lag. 

But if you are still experiencing some lag in the system, it is probably due to some other software-related issue and not because you have set up two monitors.

However, if you play games in Nintendo, then having a dedicated monitor for Nintendo Switch will be a great option for you without creating any problems.

So you see, it won’t be a problem setting up two monitors. But if you are facing problems, there are ways to fix them. 

How do Multiple Monitors Affect Computer Performance?

If your monitor is slowing down after all, and you can visibly see it, then there are ways to fix it. You can try some simple things which will fix the issue for you.

The first is to try having both monitors working with the same brightness. If both your monitors are working at different brightness, that may cause a problem. Another thing you can try is to check out the drivers.

Sometimes you will forget that the drivers need to be regularly updated as and when updates are available.

If one of the monitors is updated and the other is not, that might even cause more lag. Therefore check both the drivers as well.

However, make sure that while you are updating the graphics, drivers do not get destroyed, setting up another league. 

You can also choose to use the IGPU. What is an IGPU? An IGPU or internal graphics card makes sure to capture the programs and show them on the second monitor without any screen ghosting.

This will take a lot of load off the graphics card, and thus the experience will substantially increase. You could try doing this to increase the resolution as well. 

Another quite basic option is that you should try the fullscreen mode if you are playing games. Just see once if the experience increases.

Then you are lucky. Otherwise, you can go back to normal mode. Full-screen mode usually decreases the lagging that is available. 

Other Problems That May Occurs

If you try all of these and see that still the speed is not increasing or there is too much monitor ghosting, you should consider that there might be a problem with some software.

You could ask someone who has experience setting up monitors for help or even go to a service center and inquire about why your computer is getting slower. 

Ram Matters

If you have one of those laptops with 4GB RAM, it might be too less for a dual setup. If you, however, have 16GB of RAM, that is more than enough.

You can also choose to increase your RAM if you are dissatisfied. 



Now that you know your dual setup monitors won’t have any lagging, it is time to set them up. If you are purchasing a new monitor, then also read our guide on ultrawide vs dual monitors.

Make sure you set up an excellent monitor setup, and you will be sharing reels and pictures in no time.

Also, if you are having a problem with lagging, try above steps, and your performance shall increase by quite a bit.

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