Do Monitor Have Speakers? (Are They USEFUL?)

As the days have gone by, computers have evolved and accompanied them, and so have our expectations from our computers.

Monitors are now very advanced and if you want to know Do Monitor Have Speakers? then you are on the right page.

Not too long ago, computers used to be actual persons who computed various tasks. But we have come a long way. Today monitors are very smart and come with a wide range of features such as Blue Light Technology and sRGB Emulation Mode.

When the rise of Personal Computers took place, Monitors used to be CRTs(Cathode Ray Tubes), and they couldn’t operate on their own.

Do Monitor Have Speakers? (Are They USEFUL?)
Do Monitor Have Speakers?

Now, we have Monitors of all sorts of sizes. We have monitors that are suitable for media production and have astonishing colors. We also have almost instantaneous monitors with very low-input lag, making them perfect budget gaming monitors.

Do Monitor Have Speakers?

To answer the question Do Monitor Have Speakers? The answer is Yes. Most of the monitors come with inbuilt speakers. You can enjoy music directly from your monitor without connecting the external speakers.

As we go to the monitor hierarchy, we get various kinds of monitors, each specializing in a special section. And some of them have speakers in them.

Some monitors, especially those meant for gaming and entertainment, come with speakers sometimes. This trend is especially seen in the mid-range and budget sections of the spectrum. As consumers of these sections are after more features for a price.

If you want to purchase a good monitor that comes with inbuilt speakers, then check out our recommended guides on Best Monitors With Speakers here.

Although Monitors come with speakers, this is quite uncommon. The only way to be sure would be to check the specification of the monitor you are buying manually.

One thing to keep in mind is that if the monitor you choose has TV features built in, it has a higher chance of including a Speaker, but we can’t tell about their quality as they are generally not very good. In the comparison between Monitor vs TV for the desktop screen, the monitor is the ultimate winner.

BenQ monitors are an example of monitors that come with TV features. These monitors have speakers built in. Some of them also have Microsoft Office support and come with entertainment apps like Netflix.

Should I Consider A Monitor With Speakers?

In this digital era, we are opting for multipurpose.

This not only simplifies our life but is also good for our pockets. But this is not always the case. Sometimes the greed for more features leads us to settle for less or lose money. So, is buying Monitors good for speakers?

If we think a bit about the answer, there are not very many use cases where you should buy a monitor with a speaker.

A monitor is pretty small and lightweight, so the quality of speakers is generally quite bad, which makes it quite a bad choice. If you choose to monitor with speakers with a low budget, then there are higher chances that it comes with 2W speakers, which are very low-quality speakers.

You might come across Monitors with Dolby sound or DTS Sound during your search. Those are good, but they are still mostly in a laptop-sized foam factor, and even if the sound is good, you will end up paying for the “premium” certification.

For the premium you are paying, you would be better off with an external speaker or a good soundbar which even the cheaper ones will sound great. So, this makes sense only in some scenarios, when you have a very tiny deskspace, if you are a minimalist, or if you are both.

Do Monitor Have Speakers? (Are They USEFUL?)

But there is a silver lining if you go the Mac route, if you go with Apple’s ProDisplayXDR or their Studio Display, you get access to amazing quality audio.

They have done incredible engineering to get you that kind of quality sound. Not only Macs but various Premium monitors also have good speakers. Gaming-focused options from BenQ and various brands have these features.

To simplify things further, we have added a few points about when you should and should not buy a monitor with a built-in speaker.

Things Keep In Mind Before Purchasing Monitor With Speakers

1. Inbuilt Speakers

Even though dedicated speakers come with big drivers, which often provide superior sound quality, many of us use headphones 90% of the time.

This might be because you have a roommate who doesn’t like your music taste or doesn’t enjoy your PUBG finishes; it could also be simply because you don’t like sharing your playlist.

No matter what the case, if you fall into this category, then you don’t need to buy an additional speaker. So, you can consider buying a monitor which comes with an in-built one as they would be perfect for those occasional situations.

2. Audiophile

No matter how much we say inbuilt speakers are bad, they are really not that bad.

They sound quite good. So, if you don’t actually care about sound quality that much and wants something that gets the job done, monitoring inbuilt speakers is not a bad idea after all.

But make sure to check the price, and check if it is cheaper to buy a cheap speaker separately before you type in your card details.

Do Monitor Have Speakers? (Are They USEFUL?)

3. Cost

If the monitor you are buying offers two variants, one with and one without a speaker, it would probably be a good idea to go without one. For the price they add, you can probably get yourself a set of speakers that sound better than the included ones.

So, before jumping on thinking that it would be a deal, check if it actually is and does some research on their pricing.

4. Speaker‘s Quality

Are you jumping to buy a monitor with a speaker thinking it would be a charm to the ears? If you do think that, you will be quite disappointed. Most of the inbuilt speakers, except for the premium ones, are not up to the mark.

It is safe to say they would fail to perform as well as a quite cheap dedicated speaker. So, you and your wallet would be happy if you bought a normal monitor along with a dedicated speaker.

Do Monitor Have Speakers? Yes, they have. But most of them come with 2W speakers and they are useless. Yes, you can listen to podcasts on them but if you are a music freak, then they are useless and you need to connect external speakers.


To conclude the question Do Monitor Have Speakers? the answer is Yes. Some monitors have speakers on them.

However, the choice depends upon you. Most of the monitors come with 2W speakers but they are not very useful. However, If your budget is not an issue, then you can go with higher watts speakers inbuilt in monitors.

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