Enable NVIDIA Lightboost: A Complete Guide (2022)

If you are a game lover or famous graphic designer, you can get a mesmerizing experience with NVIDIA lightboost technology.

Enable NVIDIA Lightboost technology on your monitor will allow you to improve the picture quality on LCD screens and reduce the monitor blur while watching 2D videos.

LightBoost 3D technology is a modern technology that has made a revolution in the graphics world. It is a landmark event for stubborn game lovers or graphic designers.

We’ll also explain the step-by-step guide to Enabling NVIDIA Lightboost on your monitor. So stay connected with this guide.

What Is Nvidia Lightboost?

NVIDIA lightboost technology doubles the brightness of your monitor. If you are a 3D gamer or want to enjoy high-quality video graphics, lightboost is an ideal tech piece.

When you enable 3D vision, 3D ghosting drops noticeably. When you apply this technology, your surroundings will get some extra light, and you can use them without a backlit keyboard even in a darkroom.

How does Nvidia Lightboost Works?

Lightboost is a blinking light or searchlight that experts have developed to solve three problems together, such as gaming crosstalk, brighter images, and motion blur.

With these three problems in mind, engineers have invented lightboost and come up with solutions to these three problems using a single strategy.

With the help of NVIDIA lightboost, you can reduce the 3D crosstalk, and the picture becomes brighter.

Even if you use 3D glass, this technology will come in handy. Whenever you play games, it will eliminate motion blur within a few seconds.

Besides, it will also allow you to play high-quality games with sharp resolution.

Requirements For Nvidia Lightboost?

Many people may think they need to purchase expensive gadgets to use lightboost technology.

But with a lightboost enabled to monitor and graphics card, you can enjoy lightboost technology today. If the frame rate of your monitor is 120 Hz – 140 Hz, they have a strobe effect.

So, it allows you to optimize lightboost technology with those monitors. NVIDIA has made lightboost, but you will need an Nvidia card to use this technology.

Nvidia Graphic Card GeForce RTX 2080

Remember that when you use the strobe settings for the first time, your display will look a little pale.

But by changing the contrast settings of the monitor, you can brighten it up as much as is necessary to play your game.

How To Enable NVIDIA Lightboost (A Guide)

If you follow a few simple steps, Nvidia lightboost will help you get better and higher-quality images.

I have discussed the procedure pointwise below:

When you use lightboost, it will control the backlight on your monitor panel.

The backlight under the control of lightboost will be enabled when there is no overlapping picture on the LCD screen and ghost-free.

Then the backlight will be off for a while, and the AMD graphics card will turn on the monitor with more energy and brightness.

  • The simple and easy method you can use to enable lightboost is installing the Toastyx Strobelight app.
  • Whenever you download this app, run the .exe file there and select the display. Besides, If you want, you can monitor the refresh rates according to your requirements.
How To Enable NVIDIA Lightboost (Guide)
  • Then, you can enable lightboost on your monitor by clicking the install button.
How To Enable NVIDIA Lightboost (Guide)

The input lag on your monitor will depend on which company’s monitor you are buying.

Some companies have monitors that have too much lag to avoid. To make the whole experience better, some monitors can run very smoothly.

If you love to enjoy Sim racing games where you have to see fast-moving objects, enable Nvidia lightboost in the sim racing monitor will allow you to see fast-moving objects very clearly.

Which Monitor Supports Nvidia Lightboost?

If you buy BenQ or Asus monitors, they are suitable for lightboost technology with much lower input lag. Samsung’s monitor lag is much higher because its backlight and lightboost setting are similar.

  1. The most accepted monitor with lightboost is Asus VG248QE because its performance is much better with lightboost.
  2. The frame panel of the Asus VG248QE model is 144Hz, with which you get a 1ms gray to gray response time. It comes with a 250cd/m2 brightness level, and you can extend it up to 414cd/m2.
  3. Lightboost technology is compatible with 100 – 120 Hz in the best way. If you want a better experience, go for a 120 Hz frame level.
  4. When you attach Lightboost technology to a monitor, you can see how different the graphics are and how different it is from an ordinary monitor.

Pictures will get more distinguished during video games and will not overlap in any way. Also, the amount of lag during motion games will be zero.


NVIDIA lightboost technology is a high-quality technology, and its response is so good that it has very few adverse effects.

Enable NVIDIA Lightboost technology will allow you to explore a wide range of picture quality features that you can play with to enhance the image.

You can also remove the negative issues by twitching and optimizing your display with lightboost. If you think about the price, the downsides are negligible, and you will get huge benefits.

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