How Big Is 24 Inches Monitor (Actual Dimensions)

Computer monitors are indeed available in a wide range of sizes as well as dimensions to fit according to your need.

The most common size is 24 inches, But the question arrives, How Big Is 24 Inches Monitor? is it really worth it? We’ll figure it out in this article.

Before purchasing any kind of monitor, you need to know the overall dimensions of the monitor so that you can successfully buy one of your choices and need.

Read this article below and grasp a vivid idea of the dimensions as well as some other added information regarding a 24 inches monitor for your PC setup.

How Big Is 24 Inches Monitor (Actual Dimensions)
How Big Is 24 Inches Monitor (Actual Dimensions)

How Big Is 24 Inches Monitor (A Brief Idea)

When we refer to a 24 inches monitor, in no way, does it imply that we are talking about it being 24 inches in length, breadth, or height.

24 inches indicate the screen’s diagonal length from one corner of the monitor to the other and not the actual size.

When we talk about measurements, the breadth and height shall be considered, which varies greatly from the screen size.

This measuring technique stands legit for both PC monitors as well as televisions. However, if you are looking to purchase a bigger screen monitor, then check out our guide on How Big Is 27 Inches Monitor to understand better.

How Big Is 24 Inches Monitor (Actual Dimensions)

The Actual Dimensions Of 24 Inches Monitor

When measuring the actual monitor size, measurements of thickness, breadth, and height are used. They are important factors in determining the overall size and dimensions of the screen.

When someone asks, How Big Is 24 Inches Monitor? No one has the actual answer. Hence to find that, we are going to measure the dimensions in this article.

Many 24-inch monitors will measure approximately 20 inches wide and about 12 inches tall.

The thickness can differ in the range from 2 to 7 inches, depending on which brand of monitor you are opting for. Other factors like aspect ratio, trim size, and bezel size also play a role in determining the dimensions of your monitor. 

The trim size not being identical for all monitors leads to an overall impact on the size of the monitor you are looking for. 

A few 24 inches monitors can be as tall as 15 inches. The stand is generally not considered when measuring the monitor’s dimensions. The stand varies from brand to brand and is highly subjective to being vastly apart.

How Big Is 24 Inches Monitor (Actual Dimensions)

Factors To Keep In Mind Before Purchasing 24 Inches Monitor

Let us discuss in a short discussion about the few factors that can contribute to the dimensions of the monitor. 

1. Aspect Ratio

The aspect ratio plays a part in getting an idea of the ratio between the height and width of the monitor. 

The width is expected to be larger when the aspect ratio is greater and the height is small. Just like that, the ratio gets diminished, with the aspect ratio degrading. 

How Big Is 24 Inches Monitor (Actual Dimensions)

2. Bezel Size

The bezel is the portion of the monitor that serves as an outer border of the display and resembles a frame. People have been accustomed to thicker bezels from the older generations. 

With more and more evolving models and better looks being assigned to various monitors, thinner bezel-sized monitors are also available in a good amount in the market.

Suppose a bezel of a 1-inch outer boundary is considered. In that case, the monitor size is expected to increase by 2 inches on both sides of the monitor and a two-inch elevation in height when compared to a monitor lacking a bezel. 

How Big Is 24 Inches Monitor (Actual Dimensions)

Is 24 Inch Monitor Big?

Twenty-four inches monitor can be taken as a suitable size for regular official jobs where Word, Excel, Mailing, and PowerPoint are basically made to use. The screen space is big enough to work comfortably.

If you are a coder or developer or are involved in UI development, a monitor of greater dimension (say, 27 inches monitor) can be used for enhanced experience and usability. 

24 inches monitor is enough if you play Nintendo games or do graphic design.

Is 24 inches Monitor Good For Gaming?

For playing random, casual games, 24 inches screen would serve the purpose. However, if you are a great game enthusiast, a bigger screen will always give off a different feeling while gaming. 

Games can be enjoyed even better when the resolution is good enough and the screen is big enough for the players to dwell in the world completely while playing. If you feel the same, a 27-inch or 32-inch monitor would be better for you.

However, if you love to play sim racing games and want the best monitor for sim racing to get an immersive gaming experience, then a 27+ inches monitor would be a good option for you.

Is 24 Inches Monitor Good For Editing?

In case you are into editing videos and images, a 24-inches monitor would not be that great an idea.

For such purposes, you can consider getting along with a dual monitor setup or a bigger size monitor.

Scrolling and navigating through the timeline becomes a tough task with a screen of smaller dimensions. Such jobs can be suited better for big and larger screens.

Is 24 Inches Monitor Good For Split Screen Work?

If your job calls for you to manage several screens simultaneously, a wider and larger screen would be a better recommendation.

The bigger the monitor, the easier your work shall get. For cases such as such, even a 24-inch dual monitor setup will work. 


To be summed up as final thoughts, a 24-inches monitor can definitely be a good choice if it suits your purpose.

Hope you will get the answer to How Big Is 24 Inches Monitor.

We have described many additional facts and theories revolving around monitors in detail. Now, you can freely choose the monitor of your choice!

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