What Is IPS Glow & How To Fix it? (Easy Way)

A common and significant problem acknowledged by most people who have an LCD monitor nowadays is the excessive glowing of their screen.

Also Known as IPS Glow.

Although the users experience a bright and vibrant picture quality, they can not deny the issue of over-illuminating monitors.

Therefore, further, we will be discussing what this complication is and how it can be cured easily!

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What Is IPS Glow & How To Fix it? (Easy Way)
What Is IPS Glow & How To Fix it? (Easy Way)

What Is IPS Glow?

Modern-day IPS monitors have seen some extra glow and light at some parts of their screen.

The excessive light leads to the disintegration of colors across the screen, which leads to a poor experience for the users.

This is what we call IPS Glow. In some cases, the problem of IPS Glow can be detected, but in some IPS Monitors, it is even hard to figure out the issue. 

The radiance across the screen is majorly high in some models while nominal in others. The difficulty arises primarily because of how the LCDs are designed and made.

If you are unsure whether or not your IPS monitor has an issue with IPS Glow, you can check it out in no time. Let’s talk about how!

Backlight Bleed and IPS Glow, both are different things. So don’t get confused about them.

What Is IPS Glow & How To Fix it? (Easy Way)

How To Check IPS Glow?

To quickly check your LCD regarding IPS Glow, you can follow the below-given steps.

First and foremost, make sure to switch off all light sources such as bulbs, CFLs, lamps, etc.

Once done, try to block the natural light sources up to the maximum limit possible. (The least will be the light in the room, the better and more accessible will it become for you to judge the issue of IPS Glow).

After that, turn the IPS monitor on and make the screen completely dark. With a black monitor, you will conveniently see all kinds of luminosity.

If you acknowledge the reflection of light, it is evident that your LCD screen has the problem of IPS Glow, and it is better advised that you replace the device if it is newly purchased.

As you easily understand from its name, IPS Glow is only found in IPS display monitors. Check out our guide on VA vs IPS panel displays to understand more about various types of displays.

What Causes IPS Glow?

Various factors account for the glowing screen and degraded color quality of your IPS monitor.

The reasons behind an IPS Glow on your IPS monitor are discussed further.

1. Dimly Lit Ambience

When your LCD monitor is placed in a room that does not have many sources of light or the one that is poorly lit, you are highly expected to face the problem of IPS glowing up to an annoying level.

2. Brightness level of your LCD

Usually, it is seen that the brightness of your IPS Monitor is set to the highest level, which results in an extreme glow from various parts of the screen.

Sometimes, it could be by default, or sometimes, the user could do it.

3. Improper Angle

Knowingly or unknowingly, the issue of IPS Glow can be faced by you even if your IPS monitor is positioned at an improper angle.

The wrong deviation can reflect unwanted lights, and therefore, the LCD screen can illuminate excessively.

4. Distance From The Monitor

Yet another problem causing factor resulting in IPS Glow is the distance between the monitor and the user.

If the LCD monitor is placed too close to your vision, the panel might appear bigger. As a result, you are likely to face the issue of an IPS Glow.

How To Fix IPS Glow?

Having known the barriers that cause smooth and clear screen display and make the monitor overly luminous, let us move towards the solution to the problem.

The issue of IPS Glow can be resolved by opting for any of the following methods.

How To Fix IPS Glow (Video Guide)

1. Try to Change The Viewing Angles

First and foremost, try to position your IPS to monitor at a suitable angle wherein the light does not reflect much.

Doing so will cause no luminosity, and therefore, you will be saved from facing the trouble of a glowing screen.

Viewing Angles Of Monitors
Viewing Angles

2. Play With Distance

The most effective method to cure the problem of IPS glow is to increase the distance between your LCD screen and yourself.

From a prominent distance, the panels appear small, so you do not experience the issue of a glowing screen. It is better to keep a gap of 80cm to 120cm between the two.

Recommended Viewing Distance Of Various Size Monitors
Recommended Viewing Distance

3. Lighten Up Your Ambience

One easy and simple way to get over the mess of a continuously glowing LCD screen is to enhance and modify your ambiance with more illuminating and vibrant lightning options.

As the room will have more lights and glow than the IPS monitor, the difficulty faced by the user regarding the luminosity of the screen will automatically get resolved.

What Is IPS Glow & How To Fix it? (Easy Way)
Monitor Desk Setup

3. Play With Brightness

Lastly, you can try to lower the brightness level of your IPS monitor. Set the brightness to a nominal level that is neither too high nor too low.

This is helpful and mostly opted method to cure the problem of IPS Glow.

Change Brightness In Windows
Brightness Settings In Windows 10


Even the recently purchased LCDs can show up the problem of IPS Glow.

Having known the ways to detect it, it is suggested that you check your monitor for the same. If the problem sustains, either replace the device or try to resolve it by the methods mentioned above.

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