Fix: Monitor Loses Signal Computer Stays On

This problem of a “Monitor Loses Signal Computer Stays On” has been so common in the past few months.

Given the situation of the pandemic, where offices have been shut down and a new “work from home” system has begun, many people have been forced to set up a workstation in their homes.

However, this doesn’t make things simple, because there have been problems in the setting up of a new monitor along with a PC. Issues like no signal, poor connectivity, and even constant screen blackout have been faced by various users.

Here, in this article, we will discuss one of the most annoying ones which have been troubling to a lot of people.

For this issue, there are a lot of reasons that your monitor might be losing signal including even a hardware failure.

Fix: Monitor Loses Signal Computer Stays On

However, This issue is quite similar to Monitor randomly goes black and comes back on, So make sure to confirm both the troubleshoot to fix your monitor.

But it doesn’t have to be a hardware failure if all the equipment you have is new.

With that being said, let us troubleshoot a few reasons why this is happening and then a few fixes on how we can ensure this never happens again.

Causes: Monitor Loses Signal Computer Stays On

1. Poor Cable Connections

At times when we establish a connection between two devices, the HDMI cable that we use does not fit properly in its socket. It could also mean that the HDMI cable being used is not working itself from the start and is faulty.

Not only the HDMI cable, but the power cable used to connect the monitor to the power may be loosely fitted, this can cause the signal to break in between doing your work.

Using the right cable connection for the right type of monitor is very important. If your monitor supports 144hz, Read our guide on Which Cable Supports Best 144hz Refresh Rates.

Different Types Of Cable Connections
Different Types Of Cable Connections

2. Update Graphic Drivers

Graphic drivers of your display and PC should always remain updated because if not, it can result in issues like losing signal and not being able to connect another monitor with your PC.

Graphic drivers keep the hardware of your computer in check to ensure that rest of your experience while working or gaming goes smooth.

Thus, it is then high time that you check whether the graphic drivers of your PC are up to date.

3. Overheating Issue

Rarely but not highly impossible, could be the reason for overheating. Overheating occurs due to multiple reasons, like hardware failure and even dust that has accumulated on the monitor.

If you have a monitor that has become very old, then you should always consider buying a new one if you use it frequently. 

The GPU connected to your monitor may overheat as well, the reason being maybe a power upsurge, resulting in your monitor shutting down automatically while you are working.

To check the temperature of your GPU, you can follow this guide here.

Input Signal Out Of Range is one of the most common monitor issues that various people face due to using outdated graphic cards.

Heating Issue In Computer

4. Old Monitor With A Hardware Malfunction

As said before, one of the major reasons why your monitor shuts down suddenly could be a hardware failure, especially if you have an old one.

If this problem occurs frequently, even after you have tried multiple fixes, it is highly that a hardware malfunction has occurred.

So, instead of repairing the old monitor, consider buying a new monitor. Refer to our guide on the best monitors under $200 to get some really good suggestions.

Fixes: Monitor Loses Signal Computer Stays On

1. Replace Cables

Firstly, check to see if your monitor’s power cable is properly connected to the electrical socket and that nothing is left loose.

Check that the HDMI cable is properly inserted and whether it actually works.

If you think that your HDMI cable takes a long time to connect your equipment, consider getting a new one. HDMI cables are cheap and can be found nearly in every electrical store

Check Cable Management

2. Update Graphic Card Driver

Once, you have cleared out the cables situation, and your monitor still shuts down, it is time that you look out for any graphic driver updates. Here is how you can update the latest version of the graphic drivers on your PC:

  • On your PC, click the windows icon, then in settings search and select “Device Manager”.
Device Manager In Windows
  • Navigate the list and click “Display Adapters”. Upon clicking display adapters you’ll see what graphic card you have on your PC.
Update Display Drivers
  • Right-click on the graphic card name and select “Update Driver”.
  • Next, click on ‘Search automatically drivers’.
Update Windows Drivers
  • It will take 5-10 minutes to look for updates, and then you’ll be able to install the latest version.
  • Make sure to restart your computer, once the update is done.

While you’re at it, and you see that the graphic card’s latest version is already installed, then you can try reinstallation as well using the same above-mentioned steps.

3. Cleaning Of Equipment

By now, your monitor should not lose signal. However, if it still does, don’t lose hope and end up drawing a conclusion of a hardware failure.

Instead, grab a dry cloth and give your monitor and the GPU a nice clean. Sometimes, dust accumulates which causes overheating in monitors which results in signal failure.

Cleaning Of Equipment
Clean all the hardware properly.

4. Replace Hardware

Finally, if none of the above 3 fixes worked, there could be only one possible reason: hardware failure.

In a case like this, it is best to seek a professional electrician who can help with the hardware issue and if you’re lucky, it may just be a simple problem that only a professional can solve.


Hopefully, this article has helped you in your desperate need to fix the issue of Monitor Loses Signal Computer Stays On.

You should now be able to do your work or play games without your monitor constantly losing its connection. Remember to not give up unless you’ve tried the first three fixes!

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