Monitor Shuts Off When Playing Games (Fixed)

Gaming has become popular nowadays and children, as well as adults, spend a lot of time in front of computers and laptops playing electronic games.

It has caught on so much and the electronic games you get to see are challenging, full of graphics, 3D effects, high-quality video, and sound effects.

The games are innovative, action-packed, and sophisticated and many of these games take you to dimensions you have never been before making virtual reality a living dream!

Though gaming has caught on in a big way, there is a section of society that frowns upon it and thinks many of the games are harmful to the younger generation and society because they deal with content that is not advisable for anyone and everyone.

Even then there is no stopping anyone from indulging in them.

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Monitor Shuts Off When Playing Games (Fixed)

Playing games on the computer requires a few things so that your gaming goes smoothly and without any interruptions.

The onset of high-speed internet connection has helped these gamers a lot making online games a hit. Gaming not only requires a good internet connection but your desktop or laptop should also be able to give you a good performance. 

Laptop gaming is catching on mainly because it is portable, and it is cheaper to get a laptop than keep on upgrading your computer.

Gaming computers are expensive, and people spend a lot of money on them. That is why when you are faced with problems like your monitor shutting off while playing can be irritating. 

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Monitor Shuts Off When Playing Games (Fixed)

Let us focus on how frustrating it can be when your monitor shuts off while you are playing an exciting game. The reasons can be many, and some of them require little help from a computer technician or store to get sorted.

Let us look at some of the basic reasons that can cause the monitor to get shut off while playing games and see if they can be rectified all by yourself without going to a computer store. 

1. Over-Heating

Laptops and desktops are configured in a way that they automatically shut off if they get too hot. You cannot play games if your computer is hot, and sometimes when it gets heated up, the fan sound goes high making you aware of the problem.

If your computer is shutting down due to overheating, how do you fix it? Fixing this is not such a hard job, you first need to open the cooling system and the thermal paste, and get it cleaned.

In case you are using a laptop, cool it down using a cool pad. That power supply fan can be another reason why your computer is getting heated up and the monitor gets shut off. Check that to make sure it is not overheated.


2. Get the GPU Drivers Updated

GPU driver is the software that handles the games and applications on the computer. They make sure the display is perfect and you do not face problems while playing games.

Many times the graphics resolution might not be supported by your graphics card and that can cause problems like the monitor shutting down while playing a game.

If you are a gamer make sure the graphics card is updated regularly to avoid conflicts while you are amid an exciting game. 

Get the GPU Drivers Updated

You can also remove the graphics card to see if it is dirty and dusty. Clean it well and re-insert it back. Your computer might work properly after restarting it.

Get the latest drivers installed so that your gaming session goes smoothly. 

3. Problem With Hardware

If there is a hardware problem your computer can get turned off.

You can check if there is any extra hardware like the sound card, expansion card, or modem which is fitted because they are not required. Remove them and see if it helps.

Problem With Hardware

4. Check Cable Connection

If your monitor is getting shut off without getting heated up, then you can get the power connection checked. The cables might not be proper making the connection lose.

If you have a UPS and there is a USB cable being used to save power, disconnect it. Your monitor can get shut off if the UPS is overloaded. 

Try resetting the computer and checking the windows event viewer. It might display what exactly the problem is, whether it is a display driver crash, power-related, or CPU-related.

This in turn can help you decipher the exact reason why your monitor is getting shut off and see if you can fix it without going for outside help. 

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Check Cable Connection

5. Check For Malware And Viruses

A virus or malware can be a good cause for the monitor to shut off while playing games.

Run a virus scan using your antivirus program or use the Windows Defender offline scan to detect if there are any viruses or malware that are corrupting the computer and causing the monitor to shut off while gaming.

Types of Malware

6. Check Background Running Apps

It is best to close all the programs that are running while you are playing games because many of these additional programs can hamper a smooth gaming session. 


Now that you are aware of the basic reasons as to why your monitor must be getting shut off while playing games, you can check them for yourself and get it fixed.

Get a virus scan done, get your drivers updated, and check if everything is connected properly and if there are any background programs running.

If the problem is new, then it can be due to something you have installed. That can be checked as well along with the other checks. 

I am sure with these tips you will be able to tackle the basic hiccups that can cause your monitor to shut off while playing games and get them fixed easily by yourself.

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