What Is Motion Blur In Games & Steps To Reduce It!

The blurring effect that is captured by moving objects can be called motion blur.

This occurs when motion is rapid in relation to film speed or at low shutter speed.  You can even notice motion blur live through your eyes by waving your hand constantly in front of it.

It basically appears when an object being captured goes through rapid movement.

In these days, the most monitor comes with motion blur technology that allows you to reduce the motion blur minimum while playing racing games or watching a cricket match.

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What Is Motion Blur In Games & Steps To Reduce It!
What Is Motion Blur In Games & Steps To Reduce It!

How To Achieve Motion Blur?

  • Motion blur can be achieved by slowing the shutter speed.
  • It can be achieved by rapidly moving the subject being captured.
  • Also, we can achieve motion blur by moving the camera when capturing a shot.

Types Of Motion Blur Effect

Motion blur is a phenomenon that is either created purposefully for adding an aesthetic vibe or is occurred as a glitch, which can be annoying.

Let us look at some common motion blurs that occur.

Motion Blur Explanation
Motion Blur Explanation

1. Photography

Motion blur is created in photography to provide simple pictures with a sense of meaning.

To create motion blur in pictures, the combination of both shutter speed and exposure time is kept in mind. Now, what is shutter speed?

Shutter speed is the time taken for the camera’s shutter to open and close.

Slow shutter speeds and longer exposure times will help you capture pictures that require some motion blur. How do I capture motion blur through my camera?

The main factors that come into play when capturing motion blur through photography are

  1. The brightness of the screen
  2. The motion of the subject to be captured and the amount of motion blur to be captured.

We will not go into much detail but it is very essential to make note of these factors. Remember, that the camera and the subject should not be moving together as that can create really blurry images.

Motion Blur In Photography
Motion Blur In Photography

2. Films

The use of motion blur is largely evident in videos and films. Motion blur in a way adds movement to pictures.

The video camera functions by capturing a series of images or frames and playing them at a fast speed to produce the illusion of motion.

Each frame takes a quick exposure time depending on the shutter speed. To be precise, in filmmaking it is 1/50th of a second exposure. If anything moves too fast, it creates an unwanted motion blur effect.

3. Games

Motion blur in games is not a good phenomenon to experience according to some people, whereas some people disagree and say that motion blurs enhance the game.

In fast-paced games like car racing or shooting games, a motion blur effect can cause discomfort because the frame late goes low.

Motion Blur In Games
Motion Blur In Games

4. Animation

Motion blur in animation is considered to be very essential for animating objects. Here, motion blur is applied to hand-created characters to replicate real-life movements.

When fast-moving images are blurred, it helps our brain to register a smooth animation. In a way, motion blur helps frames to blend and feel more interconnected with each other, creating the exact movement we want.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

What does motion blur do in games?

Motion blur helps add to the smooth transition in fast pacing games, especially car racing.

However, too much motion blur can also cause discomfort.

What causes motion blur in video and films?

Motion blur in videos and films is caused by two main factors, shutter speed and exposure time.

The intensity and the extent of the motion blur can be adjusted accordingly by the person clicking the picture.

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