How To Remove Stand From Dell Monitor?

Monitors are fundamental to using a computer. But sometimes we need to transport our monitors. And to do so, you need to dismiss the part from your monitor. The toughest part is to Remove the Stand From your monitor.

However, if you are using a Dell monitor, then here is the guide on How To Remove Stand From Dell Monitor?

This can be because we are moving to someplace, it can also be because we are simply cleaning. No matter what you are doing, it is sometimes trivial to remove the stand.

How To Remove Stand From Dell Monitor?

If we try to transport our monitors without properly disassembling them first, we risk damaging them. We need to transport the Monitor in its disassembled state, which means how it came originally.

This way, we can use the original packaging specifically designed to protect your monitor, which would save your monitor from jumping around in the back of the car.

However, if you don’t want to do so, you can always resell your monitor and get a new one. There are lots of Best Monitors Under $200 available. So you can check them out as well.

How To Remove Stand From Dell Monitor?

So, disassembling the stand is necessary when attempting to relocate it.

But how? Depending on your monitor, there are various kinds of stands in use. Today we are going to talk about Remove Stand From Dell Monitor.

How To Remove Stand From Dell Monitor?
Dell Monitor Stand

Depending on the Model and your configuration, a few procedures exist to remove your Monitor. These are as follows.

1. With Stock Stands

If you are using Stock Stands for your Dell monitor, then you need to follow the steps below. But before doing that make sure what type of monitor mount you are using. There are two possible Stock Stands available.

They are –

  1. Sliding Stand
  2. Tilting Stand

How To Remove Dell Monitor From Sliding Stand?

Depending on your model, you might have a monitor that has a stand that slides in. In that case, follow the instructions to remove it.

  • First, turn off the Monitor.
  • Now unplug all the cables and make sure no cables are connected to the monitor.
  • After ensuring it is off and all cables are removed, hold the monitor and place it face-down in a clean, soft place that won’t scratch or damage the monitor.
  • Locate the screw that is attaching the stand to the Monitor.
How To Remove Dell Monitor From Sliding Stand?
  • Remove the screw with a Phillips head screwdriver; it should be a normal-sized screw and can be removed by turning it counter-clockwise.
  • The stand assembly should now be free.
  • Pull on the stand assembly while making sure the monitor doesn’t fall,
  • You have now successfully removed the stand.

P.S: Check out the Pictures to ensure you are following the preparation steps.

How To Remove Dell Monitor From Sliding Stand?
How To Remove Dell Monitor From Sliding Stand?

How To Remove Dell Monitor From Tilting Stand?

The procedure is a bit different if you have a tilting monitor from Dell. With tilting monitors from Dell, you get a square mounting system. To remove it, follow these steps.

  • Before doing anything, turn off the Monitor.
  • Now, unplug every cable and accessory attached to your monitor.
  • After making sure the cables are out, and the monitor is off, proceed to take the monitor and place it face down on a soft, clean surface that won’t scratch your display.
How To Remove Dell Monitor From Tilting Stand?
  • Now locate the stand release button.
  • Press and hold the button, and proceed to lift the monitor up and away from the monitor.
  • Now you will see the monitor completely separated from the stand.

Now, if you want to remove the stand into fundamental pieces to the Stand riser from the Stand base, you would have to unscrew it to remove it from there.

P.S: Consider the Photos and see if you are following the steps correctly.

How To Remove Dell Monitor From Tilting Stand?

If You Have A Two-Screw Sliding Mechanism

There is another mounting mechanism for Dell. It consists of a sliding mechanism along with two screws. So, if you want to remove a stand with this method, follow these steps.

  1. Before proceeding, turn off the monitor.
  2. Now unplug any accessories and cables from your monitor.
  3. Make sure all the cables are removed. Then, find a soft flat surface that won’t scratch your surface.
  4. Gently place the monitor face down on the flat soft surface.
  5. Remove the two Phillips head screws.
  6. Now secure the monitor with one hand, tilt the stand-up, and then pull to remove it. 
  7. Your Stand should be separated now.
If You Have A Two-Screw Sliding Mechanism

To disassemble the stand, see the bottom of the stand and unscrew the screw to disassemble it. The screws can be untightened with fingers.

NOTE: You can see the photos for reference if you find them confusing.

If You Have A Two-Screw Sliding Mechanism

2. With VESA Mount

But if you have an aftermarket VESA stand for desk mounting or even for flexibility for your dell monitor, the steps are different.

VESA Mount

If Your Mount Attached To The Table

If you have a mount that is attached to a table and the monitor sits on an arm, follow any of the two methods:

Without removing the mount from the table

  1. Power off the monitor.
  2. Remove all the cables and accessories.
  3. Hold on to the monitor with your full arm and remove the screws with the other hand.
  4. When the screws are separated, hold on to the monitor with two hands and separate it.

(If you have another person to help you, one can hold the monitor while the other removes the screws)

Removing the mount from the table

Having another person help you while you are doing this process is strongly recommended.

  1. Power off the monitor.
  2. Now, remove all the accessories and unplug and separate all the cables.
  3. Have someone hold the monitor along with the arm while one removes the arm from the table.
  4. Place the whole assembly on a soft flat surface making sure the monitor is face down on the surface.
  5. Be careful as the whole assembly might tipple, so have someone hold it in place.
  6. Now remove the screws from the VESA mount.
  7. Separate the arm from the monitor.

P.S: This process is a bit risky, so try to follow the first procedure if possible.


Hope this article will help you to remove the stand from your monitor. Dell has various mounting systems for various of its monitors. Along with that, you can also opt for third-party mounting systems.

We took a deeper dive into how you can remove the stands or arms from the monitor itself.

So, follow these instructions to Remove Stand From Dell Monitor, and if you find it difficult, reach out to Dell Support or check their User Manual for more information.

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