How To Setup Nvidia Surround (With Triple Monitors)

You are excited to play your favorite games with a real-life view on your triple monitors.

However, you are a bit confused about how to set up Nvidia Surround using triple monitors.

Well, in this article, we will provide you with a complete guide on how to set up Nvidia Surround to give you a sumptuous gaming experience.

We have also listed down all the requirements along with configurations to make your process easy for setting up Nvidia Surround.

Before diving into the setup process, we will tell you what Nvidia Surround Display is.

How To Setup Nvidia Surround (With Triple Monitors)
How To Setup Nvidia Surround (With Triple Monitors)

What is Nvidia Surround?

Now the question arises of what Nvidia Surround is.

Nvidia Surround is a feature that can be activated in any system that uses an Nvidia Graphic Card.

Through this, you can play your favorite video games on additional monitors along with the primary monitor together.

In easy language, it will offer you a larger single display combining all the different displays together. This feature can only be used in a system using Nvidia Graphic Card.

You can span this feature up to triple monitors. It supports only three projectors in horizontal span mode which can be connected using DVI, HDMI, or DisplayPort connections.

If your monitor supports higher refresh rates, then make sure to choose the right cable connection for it.

What Are The Requirements For Setting Up Nvidia Surround?

Graphic Cards are an essential part of enabling Nvidia Surround.

Nvidia Surround can only be activated if the system uses a GeForce GTX graphics card. Here are some requirements with respect to the graphics card for enabling Nvidia Surround.

  1. Moreover, with the latest versions of the GeForce GTX 600 Series graphics card, you can set up Nvidia Surround just by using a single graphic card. No additional requirements are there to enable Nvidia Surround.
  2. However, for the older versions of graphics cards, for instance, GTX 560 or above, GTX 460 or above, etc., it would require a dual graphics card to enable Nvidia Surround.
  3. The recommended graphics cards for activating Nvidia Surround are GeForce GTX 660, GTX 670, and GTX 680.
  4. Except for the GeForce GX2 card (unsupported), all other graphics cards, including GeForce FX 5 Series, 6 Series, 7 Series, 8 Series, and 9 Series, are supported.

The Windows requirement for enabling Nvidia Surround are as follows.

  1. The system should use the latest Windows 7, 8, or higher.
  2. Older versions of Windows, including Windows XP and Windows Vista, are not supported.
How To Setup Nvidia Surround (With Triple Monitors)

How To Set Up Nvidia Surround Display With Triple Monitors?

Gamers are diving into using triple monitors to boost their gaming experience. Triple monitors provide an enlarged display giving a realistic gaming view of your favorite games.

We have provided below stepwise instructions to help you out in setting up Nvidia Surround Display with triple monitors.

  • Right-click on your desktop. A drop-down menu appears. Now open the Nvidia Control Panel from the menu.
Open Nvidia Control Panel
  • Then, choose the 3D Settings Tab at the left corner of the desktop.
  • Under it, choose the Configure Surround PhysX option. Now select the Span Displays with Surround option after checking it once.
Nvidia Control Panel Dashboard
Nvidia Control Panel
  • After finishing the above steps, click on Configure located just right below. A confirmation message appears on the screen with regards to closing all the running software.
  • Click on Continue. The Setup has been completed.
  • Now, the Nvidia Set up Surround Window will show up how you wish to set up your monitors. Select Displays under the first category. Here it would help if you chose between Horizontal or Vertical Displays. Ensure that you select all three displays. Now select the topology as 1 x 3. If you do not change, all three displays will showcase numbers according to the default settings.
  • Select Resolution under the Resolution menu. Make the resolution to 5760 x 1080 for triple monitor set up.
  • On your desktop screen, on the Nvidia Control Panel, three numbers showcasing the order of screens can be found.
Nvidia Triple Monitors Order
Triple Monitors
  • Similar numbers will be seen on your triple monitors.
  • Finally, select Enable Surround under the Nvidia Control Panel.

After finishing all the above-mentioned steps, you can enjoy your favorite games on triple displays in a 3D Surround. The game could now be accessed on all three monitors.

If you have any vertical monitor setup monitor, then you can follow this guide.

How To Set Up Nvidia Surround Display With Dual Monitors?

Nvidia Surround can be enabled on just two monitors as well.

To enable it on two displays, follow the similar instructions as mentioned above for triple monitors. The only change you need to make will be

  1. Select the topology as 1×2.
  2. Select the resolution as 1920×1080.

Tips To Select Correct Configurations For Nvidia Surround Display

Here are some important tips so that you do not make any mistakes in choosing the correct configuration for your display for Nvidia Surround. 

  1. Select the correct orientation among Landscape mode, Flipped Landscape mode, Portrait mode, and Flipped Portrait Mode.
  2. Choose the correct topology according to the display.
  3. Choose the perfect resolution depending on the display for your Surround.
  4. Also, under the Bezel Correction menu, adjust the bezel gaps properly according to your requirements so that you can get a perfectly aligned display for your gaming display.

How To Turn Off The Nvidia Surround Display?

To turn off Nvidia Surround Display, go to the Nvidia Surround Control Panel. An option ‘Disable Surround’ appears. Select it, and the Nvidia Surround Display will be disabled.

After you have finished disabling, set your center monitor as your primary monitor since Nvidia does not remember the configurations. Also, do not forget to move back all the windows back for normal use.

How To Setup Nvidia Surround (With Triple Monitors)


Nvidia Surround enhances your gaming experience, and it accommodates two or three displays together, thereby providing a great display.

You can play the games on a single-spanning display.

We hope that this article has cleared all your doubts regarding the set-up of the Nvidia Surround Display so that you can enjoy your favorite video games without any hassle.

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