What is sRGB Emulation Mode (Complete Guide)

If you are someone who plays a lot of games, then you must be aware or heard of sRGB Emulation mode.

The sRGB mode limits the computer’s color output and provides color accuracy to the scene that is being displayed on the monitor. 

sRGB is basically, everywhere be it your digital camera images, what your printer is producing, signals from your laptop to your monitor, etc. 

Let’s try to understand this in a more detailed way.

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What is sRGB Emulation Mode (Complete Guide)
What is sRGB Emulation Mode (Complete Guide)

What Is Color Space?

Whatever electrical equipment you are using comes with its own color space.

This means if you’re using a photography camera, then the available colors that your camera will use to produce an image is its color space.

The camera will basically use a color format of RGB that is Red, green, and blue. The rest all the colors are formulated by a combination of this three-color pallet. 

This color pallet of three colors is a system setting of your camera or your device. In your system settings, you’ll have an option of choosing sRGB or Adobe RGB where sRGB is always set by default.

What is sRGB Emulation Mode (Complete Guide)
Types Of Color Space

What Is Color Gamut?

With color space, you’ll know the number of colors that your palette holds, but exactly what colors are in the color space is answered by the color gamut.

Our eyes see various colors which is the visible spectrum consisting of many different shades of every color, now what our camera captures is not going to be exactly what we see but only a part of our visible spectrum’s shades.

This is one drawback of the technology we see today that we can’t exactly capture what our eyes see.

This brings us back to what our main purpose was, which is understanding sRGB.  sRGB is that small space of the visible spectrum that our device can capture and store.

What is sRGB Emulation Mode (Complete Guide)
Color Gamut

Compared with the Adobe RGB it is narrower whereas the Adobe RGB has a larger range of occupying the visible spectrum that is a larger color space and gamut.

Most commonly and widely used is the sRGB color space. It’s found on your phones, laptops, web browsers, and almost everywhere. 

As you can see in the above picture, the whole color area is our eye’s visible spectrum, the small prism indicating sRGB is the color space that sRGB occupies which as compared to AdobeRGB in the picture is lesser.

Is sRGB Mode Better Than Standard?

Your mobile phones, laptops, monitors, tablets, etc. Have certain color spaces that they identify with.

So, if you try to use Adobe RGB with a phone that doesn’t even identify this color space, it will create issues with color accuracy.

In order to display accurately across all the devices, we use a smaller color gamut so that they all can produce the same color.

Hence, for whatever purpose you want to produce an image, it is recommended you use sRGB emulation. 

What is sRGB Emulation Mode?

If you’re using a monitor that consists of 100 % sRGB color space, then this will produce a very accurate color gamut.

However, if you use a monitor that includes a wider range like Adobe RGB with sRGB then it is most likely that the colors will not be accurate, as the sRGB gamut will try to overstretch its range.

It will cause over-saturation if you pick the color blue, it will appear too bright and almost uncomfortable to look at.

The sRGB emulation will thus, limit the monitor’s color output to 100% sRGB color gamut so that all the colors being displayed are accurate.

Many monitors come with an sRGB emulation mode itself so that it can fit the color range down to 100% sRGB, providing accurate color. This mode can be found in picture preset settings.

Another important thing to note is that sometimes even when you have sRGB mode on, the colors of the picture being displayed may look funny.

One reason for this could be because of the brightness level of the monitor. So, unless the brightness levels aren’t to an optimal setting, the sRGB emulation mode is completely useless.

What is sRGB Emulation Mode (Complete Guide)
sRGB Emulation Mode In PC Monitors

Is AdobeRGB better than sRGB?

AdobeRGB is no doubt a larger color space, but it can create a few issues.

Imagine, you’ve captured an image and worked on it with the AdobeRGB mode to add in many vibrant colors.

Many web browsers, phones, or websites do not support the AdobeRGB color gamut.

This will be a problem, because if you post that picture in say, a web browser that doesn’t support the colors, then the sRGB emulation mode will decrease the colors to fit the color space, leading to a dull and uncomfortable image to look at. 


In conclusion, we can say that sRGB is a very common color space being used.

In this article, we learned the science behind sRGB, and we were guided to understand what sRGB emulation is.

We also learned briefly about AdobeRGB, and how it is not very popular despite being a larger space.

We hope this guide on sRGB emulation proved to be fruitful for your knowledge.

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