How To Create A Three Monitors Setup?

Are you a computer geek and do you like adding a three monitors setup to your laptop or desktop?

Yes, it is possible, and if you are interested to know more about it, here are a few things that you need to know before going for the triple monitor setup.

How To Create A Three Monitors Setup?

What Is Three Monitor Setup?

In a three-monitor setup, there will be three monitors connected to a laptop or computer, displaying a single image.

This kind of setup makes switching to different tasks easy and it can also enhance productivity as multi-tasking becomes easier at the same time, think about it, can be fun working with three monitors.

Generally, peoples who prefer programming has one extra vertical monitor setup which helps them to read longer codes and analyze them.

Triple Monitors Setup With Blue RGB Lights.

Things To Consider Before Making A Three Monitor Setup

There are a few things that require looking into while getting a three-monitor setup.

  1. Have you thought if your table can take the weight of three monitors?
  2. Can the hardware that you use handle triple monitors?

There are multi-screen stands designed for three monitor setups, so go for them. It is a good way to save space and you can keep all the hardware underneath. 

How To Create A Three Monitors Setup?

At the outset, check if your computer or laptop can support three monitors because not all of them do, especially if they are old and cheap computers.

There should be three video ports to run three monitors, if your computer or laptop has three video ports that mean it is possible to create a three-monitor setup. 

Having three ports does not give surety to using three monitors because it will be possible only if all the ports can be used simultaneously.

You can still use three monitors by buying extra hardware, like a new graphics card, a docking station, a USB to HDMI adaptor, and an external multi-display adapter.

How To Create A Three Monitors Setup?

Buying a new graphics card is possible only if you are having a computer because laptops have an integrated graphics card that is attached to the motherboard permanently.

Buy a graphics card that is compatible with your computer, there should be a PCI expansion slot as graphic cards can be connected only then.

Googling the model and manufacturer of the motherboard is the best way to find that out. If your PC does not have a discrete graphics card that means, there can be only two ports and if it uses a discrete graphics card then there will be three ports. 

How To Create A Three Monitors Setup?

You need to investigate the power requirements while having a triple monitor setup. Having a triple monitor setup will consume a lot of power and you might need a graphics card of 600W.

Standard graphic cards are from 100W to 300W, and your computer specifications will tell you how many watts the PSU can provide so that you know your computer will not shut down unexpectedly after installing the new graphics card. 

In a three-monitor setup, it is important the three monitors match, and by looking at each one of them you will know how many outputs are there.

You can buy extra hardware if you think your computer or laptop will not be able to support three monitors.

If it is HDMI outputs then buy an HDMI monitor, and if it is VGA outputs, get a VGA monitor. There can also be other output ports like DVI, Display Port, and USB Type-C.

Types of Output Ports

In case you have only one output, do not panic. You can get an HDMI switch that has three outputs, and your three monitors can be connected to that one switch. 

Another factor to keep in mind would be the screen resolution.

Too much disparity in the screen resolution is not good, they should either be similar, or having a couple of hundred pixels between each other would also work fine.

While buying the monitors make sure model numbers match so that they are compatible with each other. 

Get the required cables to make sure the setup is perfect, and you get a good three-monitor configuration. If you have one Display Port, DVI Ports and two HDMI ports, then you will need two HDMI cables and one Display Port cable to connect the three monitors. 

That means you have two monitors with HDMI ports and one with a Display Port. You can configure the settings once the monitors are all connected.

Advantages Of Three Monitor Setup

There are times when you think it is worth having a triple monitor setup. If you look at it, the advantages are many and that is enough to get on with them and bring in changes for the better while using your laptop or the computer. 

It takes movie-watching to another level, and it will be far better than watching it on the computer screen. It will give you a feeling of sitting in a movie theater and watching a movie.

For gamers, the triple monitors will give them a fantastical experience and take you right in there while gaming and surfing the internet.

Imagine going through all your social media handles Instagram, Facebook, and others at one go – looking at them on multiple monitors. It is indeed a time saver, and you will not feel as if you are wasting your time. 

However, for particular scrolling social media or writing code, having a good vertical monitor would be a great option for you.

Multi-tasking becomes easy, and you can check your emails quickly and check if they are urgent when the notifications come.

Having an extra display is a good way to work efficiently and that will enable you to increase productivity. It helps if you are creative because switching from tasks is easier than switching between multiple windows. 


Keep your budget in mind before going for this and that means doing the proper research so that you know how to keep the costs down.

The compatibility and resolution settings should be checked, also the compatibility of the graphics card with the screens and how it can help with the overall compatibility.

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