Ultrawide VS Dual Monitors: Which One Is Best For You?

If you are a gamer or even just someone who spends all day working in front of a screen, you might consider whether to get an ultrawide screen or a dual monitor.

So, here is the complete guide on Ultrawide vs dual monitors setup.

Ultrawide screens are like two monitors joined, which is what is dual monitors but separate. However, even though dual monitors look cool, ultrawide setups also look pretty aesthetic.

But which is the winner among the two? Ultrawide screens also look a lot more practical. However, some people might still prefer dual monitors. 

Before you choose which monitor you should get, there are a few things you should know and consider.

Ultrawide VS Dual Monitors: Which One Is Best For You?
Ultrawide VS Dual Monitors: Which One Is Best For You?

Ultrawide monitors usually come in a size of 21:9 ratio, whereas the traditional monitor will come in a length of 16:9 ratio.

However, with dual monitors, you could increase the total screen size by a bit more to around 32.

One of the most logical plus points of getting an ultrawide monitor is no screen gap. Everything fits into one screen. 

So what are these two kinds of setup? Let us look at a detailed analysis of the two. However, if you are planning to purchase a new monitor then check out our recommended guides on the best monitors for Nintendo Switch and the best monitors for digital arts.

Ultrawide VS Dual Monitors: The Ultimate Dual Monitors Setup Guide (2022)

You might have seen a dual monitor set up in cool-looking videos of gamers or coders. It is like setting up two monitors side by side.

If you set up two 16:9 monitors side by side, that gives you a coverage of about 32:9 in total. These screens will usually have a resolution of about 4K or higher, but not every monitor can run 4K, so make sure the monitor you purchase supports 4K resolutions.

You should also set up two monitors with different solutions.  

If you have two dual monitors, you could also multitask well. Users can open two different programs on the two screens and work in other areas.

Even for gamers, this is a cool setup, and if you are working, you can open a game on one screen and work on others.

Setting up dual monitors is also very easy and therefore if you have one old computer left you can reuse it. However, one of the problems is the screen break. It will break if you are not doing two different things and would like to watch a panoramic video on the screen. 

However, you also check out one additional factor which is Curved VS Flat Monitor.

Ultrawide VS Dual Monitors: Which One Is Best For You?

Another problem dual monitor users face is that it can slow down if you do not have a modern graphics card fitted into the computer.

Your CPU will tend to slow down if users try to watch full-screen high-definition videos and also play heavy power-pulling games together. Hence many people complained that their dual monitor setup reduced performance.

Therefore it is better to make sure beforehand that your computer will be able to handle the load. 

For users having old laptops, which are around 5 to 10 years old, you can set them up to do regular work beside the other monitor and use the new one to play games or watch videos.

Therefore, a dual setup is a good use of old laptops as well. A dual monitor setup will be a lot cheaper than buying an ultrawide monitor, which will cost quite a bit. 

Ultrawide Monitors Setup Guide

Ultrawide monitors are more extended screens than regular monitors. They have a 21:9 ratio and are widescreen LCD players.

However, these monitors are the same height but are more expansive and come with curved edges. It depends on what you prefer, flat-screen or curved.

The curved edge screen may be better for gamers, but the flat screen is better for those who like to watch movies or series. These Televisions are also great for mounting on walls, which feels weird to do with dual monitors. 

However, some people might believe the gaming experience is better using an ultrawide screen, but the ultrawide screens will usually have a lower refresh rate.

So if you are playing an intensive battle, Sim racing, or survival game, the gaming experience might be negatively affected.

However, if you are a photo or video editor, these screens are best. Users will get the whole experience, and it will be easy to view panoramic images.

Ultrawide VS Dual Monitors: Which One Is Best For You?

These monitors are easy to set up and use as well. They are like regular computers but just a bit longer. 

Ultrawide monitors are best if you would like to work on a Television. These are longer and great for movies and watching other tv series.

The problem is you will need to adjust two programs by minimizing them side by side if you want to multitask.

Also, ultrawide monitors take up the whole desk place. Another problem with ultrawide monitors is they pull a lot of power, something not a problem with dual monitors, and you can keep one switched off when not required. 

All applications will also not be supported in an ultrawide monitor. The movie app might not play wider on a big screen, and hence you won’t be getting value for money.

Ultrawide VS Dual Monitors: Which One Is Best For You?

It would be best if you got what is best for your line of work.

For people who like to play games and multitask, the dual setup might be more beneficial. However, the dual setup is more practical for people who would like to watch games and others shown on a big screen.

However, even though Ultrawide might seem like the logical option. Dual-mode has many more benefits, from cost savings to ease of use. 

Such as, If you have music production or video editing work where you need to manage long timelines, then having an ultrawide monitor will really boost your work performance.

However, if you have basic work or need it for gaming purposes, then you can easily go with a dual monitor setup. Refer to our guide on the best monitors under $200 to get some recommendations.


If you have an old computer at home, try the dual monitor setup once before buying the ultrawide. In the comparison between Ultrawide VS Dual Monitors, Dual monitors have mostly some advantages.

Once purchased, you won’t be able to change it if you find the dual monitor uncomfortable or would just like a more extended screen, only then go for ultrawide. 

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