VA Vs IPS Panel Display: Complete Comparison (2022)

If you are thinking about buying an LCD monitor, well, the chance is you would like to know what VA is and what IPS are.

There are lots of different types of LED panel technologies available. The most popular panels are VA and IPS panels.

So, here in this article. I am going to share a detailed VA Vs IPS panel article, which will help you to choose the right panel for your monitor.

VA Vs IPS Panel Display: Complete Comparison (2022)

VA Vs IPS Panel Display: Which Panel Is Best?

LCD screens are still going strong these days, and when you are buying an LCD monitor, you get to hear technical terms like VA and IPS panels.

Moreover, these panels are used everywhere, from mobiles tablets to even automobiles. There before getting an LCD fitted device, you might find knowing what these terms mean beneficial. 

LCD cannot work with only one kind of configuration; therefore, these panels are fitted with two types. The VA panels refer to the vertical alignment panel, and the IPS panel refers to the In-Plane Switching Panel.

The LCD screen functions better using these two panels, and users also get the whole viewing experience. However, these panels have their unique functions, therefore, depending on what you tend to do, you can choose which one fits you better.

Here we have come up with our views on both these panels and which one should fit you better. But first, you should know what exactly do these panels do?

VA Panels:

VA panels (Vertical alignment panels) are liquid crystals fitted vertically in respect to the outer glass.

There are two layers of these crystals held inside the glass. Therefore when light falls on the first column, the second layer tends to block this light, and thus there forms a black substrate.

However, the moment electricity passes through the cells, the cells shift to a horizontal position. Once the cells change to a horizontal position, they can pass through the barrier and fall on the glass.


VA Panel Technology, and how it works.
VA Panel Technology & Working Process

This light falling on the glass is what displays on the screen in the form of pictures. These panels provide an excellent contrast ratio of 3000:1 or 6000:1, which is more than what IPS panels will provide you with.

IPS panels only have a contrast ratio of about 1000:1. However, the downside to VA panels is the viewing angles.

However, VA panels do not have excellent viewing angles, and hence this forms a problem as users do not get the best experience if not sitting perpendicular to the LCD screen.

If you are a gamer, this is the LCD type you should get when gaming users sit perpendicular to the screen and get an excellent contrast ratio. 

IPS Panels:

This panel is not much different from the VA panel. In this panel, the liquid crystals are fitted perpendicular to the glass at the front.

However, the electrodes take up a lot more space here, which means there is less contrast and brightness available on the screen.

IPS Panel Technology & working Process
IPS Panel Technology & Working Process

However, one of the most significant advantages of IPS panels is the wide-angle view. The wide-angle view allows you to view the screen from all sides and won’t have much of a difference in quality.

However, the problem is that you won’t get a good bright image in the middle of the black screen. IPS panels have another problem, they emit a kind of light in the corner of the screens.

This glow is known as the IPS glow. However, this only occurs when there is excessive light passing through.

These panels are widely used on Television sets and not on phones or tablets. However, these panels are now available on computer monitors and laptop screens. 

IPS vs. VA Panels:

Since IPS has a more fantastic color range and a wider viewing angle, the viewing experience increases significantly.

In the case of VA panels, the viewing angles are considerably less, and you need to sit directly in front of the screen. However, it also has more contrast ratio, and you will be able to see the screen better if light glares on the LCD screen.

Even though the IPS panel is a bit better in terms of colors, Va panels ensure you can see the minor details. 

VA Vs IPS Panel Display: Complete Comparison (2022)

The refresh rate in IPS panels is also very high, and you will also be able to find an IPS panel with a refresh rate of 144Hz. You can easily check your monitor’s refresh rate and know it.

However, if you get a new one, they come with refresh rates of 350Hz. Refresh rare is best used in gaming laptops, and hence if you are a gamer, you know which one to get.

However, in the case of VA panels, they have low refresh rates and come at around to 240Hz

The response time in IPS appeals varies from 4 to 6 milliseconds; however, in the case of the new ones, they have 1 to 2 milliseconds response time.

This will significantly increase the gaming experience. In the case of VA panels, they have a slower response time which only gets to something around five milliseconds.


It might seem that IPS panels are the better choice; however, VA panels give tough competition.

It would help to choose a panel based on your needs and what kinds of use you would like from the LCD screen.

If not sure, you can also ask someone who has bought an LCD before about which one works better in the long run. 

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